Friday, July 29, 2011

More podcast recs!

Okay, so I've gotten hooked on 2 more podcasts, along with the three that I mentioned in my post a couple days ago. Those two are...

1. Irreligiosophy. One word: ex-Mormons. I listened to their two-part "Crazy Book of Mormon Stories" series and was instantly hooked, hanging on their every word like my life depended on it. From the damn advertisements all over the internet, you'd think the Book of Mormon made at least some sense... and you'd be hella wrong.

2. Reasonable Doubts. I learned an awful lot just through listening to a few episodes of this podcast. For instance... who knew that the Hebrews were actually polytheists, and that Yahweh supposedly had a wife, Asherah, who was edited out of the Bible? Really interesting stuff!

These intrepid podcasters are really making me want to start a podcast. I absolutely loathe the sound of my voice, but I do have a bunch of unintelligible rants thoughtful things to say. It would be called... The Southern Belle Podcast (because I am so creative)... I do feel like I have a good vantage point, as both a female and a resident of one of the most overwhelmingly religious states in the country. I'll look into it a little bit, and then go from there. :]


  1. Buddy, start a podcast. I was thinking about it. You first.


    ps.Hey Andy